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    The European Region of Gastronomy award brings international accknowledgement, visibility and new business opportunities, tourists and events to the Kuopio Region. In the ERG projects the local agriculture, entrepreneurship and education will be further developed. READ MORE

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The site compiles Kuopio region's cuisine & gastronomy.

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Kuopio Region’s bid book

European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020

The Kuopio region has been awarded the European Region of Gastronomy title starting in 2020. However, we celebrate to harvesting seasons and the programme starts in May 2020 and continues until the end of September 2021. The programme will be published on the Tastesavo webpage. It will be build around existing festivals and events as well as activities available for individual travellers and groups such as guided tours, ERG menus in restaurants, pop up restaurants in unusual locations and food clubs for friends of good food and urban culture.

Here are some basic facts and ideas 

The programme will start in May 2020 and continue until September 2021. However, parts of the programme will become permanently available for tourists. We are currently gathering the jubileum program for next year. For the most information webpage is our Tastesavo.fi page. All programme information, information on the travel packages and activities for both individual and group travellers will be there and booking pages will be routed to that page. The programme is a combination of existing festivals that are food-related or have gastronomy theme because of the European region of gastronomy jubileum in Kuopio.

We will have a so called foraging program: - wild herb, berry and mushroom picking depending on the season combined with cooking either together or by a chef - picnics combined with trekking, canoeing etc. - Finnish cooking and baking classes for travellers Additionally Kuopio Guides will offer guided food walks Tasting Kuopio for individual travellers from Mid-June to Mid -August and Tasting Kuopio sightseeing from May to August. Groups can book guided walks and sightseeing anytime of the year.

Pop up restaurants by the Kuopio 2020 food ambassadors Aki Hiltunen (VS restaurants), Anssi Kantelinen (Restaurant Urban) and Eeva Mertanen (Ravintolamestarit / Restaurant Masters) on four weekends in summer 2020. You can enjoy a four course fine dining dinner in unexpected places in the nature. The themed pop ups follow the themes forest, lake, field and garden. All programme information will be available in January 2020 on Tastesavo.fi. Upon request groups can order packages already before that.

The programme hightlights

The opening ceremony for the European REgion of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020 will take place on the 9th of May 2020. The ceremony will combine eating well and good program. Satoa goes wild food festival 12.-13.6. will focus on wild food. The festival takes place in several locations in the city of Kuopio. For more information on Satoa goes Wild, please visit the website: https://www.satoa.fi/en/satoa-goes-wild-2/ At the same time city of Kuopio hosts the biggest dance festival in Finland Kuopio Dance Festival with a lot of programme both in theatres and outdoors. www.kuopiodancefestival.fi .

To the biggest Finnish summer festivities to Midnight summer we’ll have two events: Lohimaa Midnight summer festival, www.lohimaa.fi, and Midsummer party in Muuruvesi. In July there will be several food-related festivals, for example Strawberry festival in Suonenjoki and Beer Festival Oluset in Iisalmi. All dates are not yet known. 1.8.2020 Cheese and Wine Festival, Lapinlahti The festival’s highlight will be the 20 meters long buffet with ten different cheeses produced in Lapinlahti alongside with vegetables and fruit of the season. The selected wine and Finnish dance artists will accompany the delicious buffet.

28.-29.8.2020 Satoa Kuopio Food Festival SATOA Kuopio Food Festival celebrates the traditional harvest season and local tastes in street food style.  In addition to delicacies, performances by street musicians and artists can be enjoyed at the festival area at the Kuopio market place absolutely free of cost. At the same time the harvesting festival with local product sales will take place at the market place of Kuopio. On the Kuopio Celebration Day on the 28th of June the Kuopio museums are open until the evening and arts programme conquers the city. 11.-13.9.2020 Kuopio Fish Market In the Kuopio Harbout the traditional fish market brings together producers and visitors.

2.-20.12.2020 Kuopio European Christmas Market, open Wednesdays to Sundays Kuopio marketplace being one of the most well-known marketplaces in Finland is open all year around. In 2020 the marketplace will turn into the first European Christmas market in Finland with both international and Finnish producers with focus on European traditional Christmas offering and local expertise in food.

The Kuopio Comedy Festival 4.-6.6.2020 and Anti Contemporary Art Festival in September both have gastronomy-related program celebrating European Region of Gastronomy Kuopio 2020. Be surprised! The European region of Gastronomy award by IGCAT IGCAT provides the European region of gastronomy Award, with the support of International and European institutions. The regions also join a Platform of awarded and candidate European Regions of Gastronomy in order to foster long-term benefits, increase international visibility and support sharing of knowledge.

The ERG award can be compared with European capital of Culture nomination with the difference that European Region of Gastronomy includes developing gastronomy related events, agriculture, education and entrepreneurship. The award brings international visibility, accknowledgement and above all new business opportunities, tourists and events. On more information on the application proces, please read theEuropean Region of Gastronomy bid book. Kuopio Region Candidate 2020. https://indd.adobe.com/view/78cffc58-8a93-46b7-b353-a34c55f9300a The European region of Gastronomy jubileum’s program will be only one result of several EU funded projects (please ask for more detailed information if needed).

The projects are run by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and ProAgria Eastern Finland. Gastro plan, gastronomic strategy for the Pohjois Savo region, 2018 – 2019, Savonia EUREGA, Interreg project with six partners in Europe, strategic level involvement in regional development to enhance sustainable tourism, 2018 – 2022, ProAgria Gastro Business – business development in food tourism, 2019 – 2021, Savonia ERG jubileum – the jubileum’s programme and marketing, 2019 – 2021, ProAgria Savolaisuus on makuasia – It is a matter of taste, 2019 – 2021, Savonia Local involvement, events in schools and for local customers Gastronomic bridge abroad, 2019 – 2021, ProAgria Creating a joined brand for four local food companies to target international markets ao. Japan and to strengthen cooperation with Finnish travel operators Finnair business class and Viking Line; The cooperating companies are Lignell & Piispanen, RPS Brewing, Kala-Lappi and Liepuska / The nordic bakery.


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Kuopio announced European

Region of Gastronomy 2020



Experience the Finnish countryside, lakes and forests, have a taste of local cuisine, meet the locals, have a relaxing stay visiting Savo.

Kuopio was nominated the European region of Gastronomy in October 2017 in Bruessels. The jury stated that the Kuopio application shows the region's dedication maintaining versatile food production and close connection the local heritage and nature.

Kuopio region is a place to enjoy. Here you can find events within food tourism and delicious restaurants and producers!