The festival is a unique, lively event encompassing old friends, appetising cheeses and good music. The centre piece of the festival is the magnificent twenty-metrecheese table, full of delicacies that can be enjoyed right up to midnight.

During the evening, visitors are entertained by artists performing both relaxed dining music and dance music as well as more lively up-tempo pieces to end the evening.

Altogether the cheese table features about ten different cheeses as well as plenty of suitable vegetables, fruit, jams and breads. Every year, new products are also featured. In addition to tasty cheeses, there are several carefully chosen red and white wines to complement the cheeses.

  • Tickets: €45 incl. music programme and cheese table.
  • Date:  August 2022
  • Location: Lapinlahti Ice Arena, Ringettetie, 73100 Lapinlahti
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