Satoa Food Festivals

Northern Savonian flavors

SATOA Food Festivals celebrate the local food production street food style. The 1st Satoa Food Festival was organised in August 2014. The festival has been awarded both by the city of Kuopio and nationally. In 2017 Visit Finland and Haaga-Helia university of Applied Sciences chose the festival to be one of 14 top food tourism services in Finland. The customer numbers of the street food festival on the Kuopio market place have steadily increased yearly.

The SATOA Goes WILD food festival conquers the streets of Kuopio City Center in June. The event turns the Kuopio city center into culinary haven for one weekend, where 10 local restaurants pamper you with culinary flavors of Pohjois Savo with the local wild food.

More information on the Kuopio Region of Gastronomy events will be available in autumn 2019.

SATOA Kuopio Food Festival is a street food festival on the Kuopio market square. You can buy portions for 3 - 6 € and try the menus of several restaurants all along one street and enjoy the festival program.

Kuopio Food Festival is arranged yearly in the end of August.

SATOA goes WILD gives you the chance to experience 10 restaurants in one weekend. In 2019 the restaurants used 50 % local products and brought wild food specialties to the plates.

SATOA goes WILD is yearly organised during the Kuopio Dance Festival mid-June.