A memorable Midsummer festival on 23 June in the heritage milieu of Muuruvesi with a tailored programme, festive food and drink, sauna and bonfire. Your guides are the master and mistress of the local ironworks and a sommelier.

  • The bus to the event leaves from Maljalahdenkatu in Kuopio at 3pm. During the bus journey, the mistress will tell the visitors about the festival and the region's history. The programme in Muuruvesi will start with a short musical performance by young people in the 110-year-old church, followed by a walk along Muuruvesi's Culture Trail and coffee at the Muru Cafe at the renovated Muuruvesi Harbour. At the cafe, you can see an exhibition by local artists, whose works are for sale. After the coffee break, you can do some Midsummer shopping at the Pienen Traktorin Puoti (Small Tractor Shop) and Topin Maatilamyymälä (Topi's Organic Farm Shop) as well as visit the Local History Museum or the cemetery accompanied by a guide.
  • Alternatively, after the coffee break (at 6pm) you can have your own programme (for an extra charge). The programmes last about 1½ hours.
    1. Fishing with local fishermen's tackle and under their guidance, €20/person (minimum of 3 people).
    2. Having a go at rowing a long boat with your own team or in an ad hoc team, €20/person (minimum of 10 rowers).
    3. Taking a sauna with herb treatments, €25/person (minimum of 8 people). Hire of small sauna (5 people) for your own group, €50.
  • At 7.30pm, the joint programme continues with a Midsummer meal hosted by the master of the iron works in a wilderness kitchen on the Muuruvesi shore in a setting immortalised by Eero Järnefelt in his painting "Cows in Turf Smoke". After the meal, everyone can go to the Midsummer sauna. The Midsummer meal is crowned with berry cake and coffee. Weather permitting, we will then light a traditional bonfire.The event finishes at 10pm and the bus back to Kuopio leaves at 10.15pm.
  • The price of the joint ”One and Only Muuruvesi Midsummer 2020” programme is €145 (VAT 10%). The price includes the specified guide services, transport, meals, drinks, programmes, joint sauna, bath towel, bench cover and allergy-tested shower gel/shampoo as well as general liability insurance. Customers take part in the herb sauna, fishing and rowing boat programmesat their own risk.
  • The programme requires a minimum of 30 participants; the maximum is 50. This is a one-off event. Please note: some of the programmeis affected by the weather, so participants are requested to dress appropriately.
  • The following are involved in organising the day's programme: Muuruvesi Village Association, PBG Korhonen, Viinimies, Juankoski Cultural History Society, Muuruvesi Local History Association, Kuopio Conservatory and Muuruvesi Church.
  • Reservations: Maritta Norberg p. 040 509 8081 maritta.norberg@gmail.com tai Jari Korhonen p. 040 5945688 jari.korhonen@pbg.fi