Visit Savo

Local – that is, genuine

Visit Savo products have been designed especially for customers who have already seen the world's major cities. For customers who want to find and experience genuine, local things: to meet local people and learn about local culture by doing things together that we Finns and Savonians still do and value.

Local small enterprises in the tourism, food and creative sectors have joined forces to offer unique products and services to international customers seeking presence and tranquility. For us Finns, the forest provides food and recreation. Visit Savo products offer visitors programmed weeks related to the forest and local food, for example.

Experience the Finnish countryside, lakes and forests, have a taste of local cuisine, meet the locals, have a relaxing stay visiting Savo.

Visit Savo

The unique heritage and nature, new experiences and time to relax.

Savo, the natural taste of Kuopio region

The travel blogger Juan Martinez visited Finland. Read more about the Kuopio region as a destination in his Traveler's Buddy blog.

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