FOODIES DELIGHTS​: An incredible and engrossing 3D virtual experience for all the senses. | Kuopion Klubi

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: Three-course Kabiini dinner with panoramic views on top of Tahko | Panorama Bar Tahko

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: A huge smoke sauna from 1950's which offers traditional, public smoke sauna evenings. | Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: Come and spend a nice relaxing summer day in the beautiful shore landscape of Lake Haapajärvi | Haapaniemen Matkailu

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: Open fire meals at Jätkänkämppä Lumberjacks Lodge.Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: MS Väiniö is the first full-service floating sauna in the heart of Kuopio | Cafe Väinö - M/S Väinö

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: Combination of sauna experience, excellent restaurant services and a multitude of events and activities in one location. | Kuopion Saana

FOODIES DELIGHTS​: Come and spend a marvellous and palatable day at a wine farm by Lake Kallavesi! | Alahovi Wine Farm