Becoming a Project Partner

Be a part of European Region of Gastronomy collaboration! Do you want to benefit from the European Region of Gastronomy logo and the visibility it brings? Do you want to make your company's services more attractive and stimulate the interest of foreign tourists?

What are the benefits of collaboration for the companies involved?

In the overall project, companies taking part in the collaboration receive the following services (in addition to use of the ERG logo):

- Various training sessions (commodification, communications, internationalisation, marketing),
- study trips, networking and development of business know-how
- Visibility of the company logo in the ERG 2020-21 programme
- Business partner visibility in event-related communications: e.g. on the partnership web pages (
- Contact details & service card in the online culinary tourism app that is under development (map service, to be translated into other languages)
- Opportunity to use the ERG 2020-2021 event logo in their own marketing communications (marketing material, window stickers)
- Opportunity to develop services to meet the needs of foreign tourists
- ERG 2020 responsibility certificate
- Partnership banner ad in social media channels / event publicity
- Visibility in the media through the overall project
- Opportunity to take part in benchmarking business trips to other European countries
- Right to participate in networking events and training sessions
- Right to participate in the opening ceremony
- Companies involved in the collaboration are given priority with regard to participation in food festivals during the 2019-2021 period

What is the European Region of Gastronomy logo?

Companies taking part in the collaboration can use the ERG 2020-2021 logo. On a company's door, menu, website or in other marketing material, the logo indicates that the company is a gem of the region's culinary tourism. To customers, the logo signifies local, genuine and responsibly produced products and services. Companies using the logo are committed to improving the responsibility (environmental, economic and social) of their operations and want to promote the prosperity of the region by favouring local raw materials in their products, for example.

Use of the logo brings a company added value

- The logo signifies products or services produced with an emphasis on quality, responsibility and use of local raw materials. The logo also signifies local culture and makes services and products interesting to consumers who value locally sourced and produced food.

- The right to use the logo can be applied for by companies in the North Savo region that make their products in the region, use local raw materials in their products and services and are committed to improving the envionmental, economic and social responsibility of their business operations.

- The ERG 2020-2021 logo is based on IGCAT's standards and regionally formulated criteria. Companies using the logo will stand out during the European Region of Gastonomy Kuopio 2020-2021 period.

- Companies committed to the collaboration can use the ERG 2020-2021 logo in their marketing communications (e.g. website, advertisements and social media), on menus, products and, say, on the company's office building. Companies receive digital material and window stickers to use in their marketing.

- Use of the logo is subject to licence and payment of a fee. Companies are familiarised with use of the logo and receive training in improving responsibility.

Questions concerning use of the logo are answered by ProAgria's/the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation's and Savonia's advisors.

What does use of the ERG 2020-2021 logo and the other collaboration cost?

There are charges for use of the logo and services produced by the project. The annual cost depends on the company's net sales and starts at €300.

How can I join the collaboration and start using the ERG 2020-2021 logo for my company?

Please contact ProAgria's/the Rural Women’s Advisory Organisation's or Savonia's advisors, who will be happy to help you. You are welcome to get involved!